1, rain after sale service team
More than 600 people enterprise employee's own service team and service agencies throughout China more than 80 cities and achievements of enterprise and consumer zero distance services. Silk rain commitment to after-sales service network and the establishment of a sound, ten years in succession in the major cities in China set up sales and service offices. All offices are silk rain subordinate branches, all service personnel are trained, superior service, business adept, professional and technical, truly consumers "to buy the rest assured that with a happy".
2, the warranty period
According to the specific product warranty card
3, the national security
Where buy silk rain products enjoy silk rain Quanguolianbao service, consumers can according to services silk rain company set up nearby and execute the maintenance.
4, warranty
4.1, according to the relevant regulations of the state, the full implementation of "three packs of products"
Where to buy silk rain Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. series of electrical products users, will be in accordance with the relevant departments of the state provisions of the part of the Commodity repair, replacement, return the liability provisions enjoy complete "Three Guarantees" service.
4.2, the principle of warranty
1), if the purchase of products are quality problems, not man-made damage, not the overhaul of the situation, within 10 days can replace at the point of purchase.
2), buy this product to enjoy a year free repair, life-long maintenance services.
3), the following conditions of free warranty, but provide repair service, repair should collect the corresponding parts and labor cost:
The damage caused by human factors, including the use of non normal working environment, not according to the instructions to use caused damage;
The unauthorized users, self repair, disassemble refit or repair the repair Department of the company;
The force majeure (such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning damage etc.);
The free product warranty card and valid proof of purchase, and can not verify the user information file;
The product barcode torn;
The product warranty card and barcode bar code corresponding to the;
We cannot check the date of purchase.
4.3, maintenance method
1), replacement and repair, must rely on the warranty card and valid proof of purchase;
2), you can call our service center, our after-sales service center will be based on your location suggest you consignment or delivery to our national any maintenance department for repair.
3), if you place a point of our maintenance, you can directly served maintenance; if you do not have the seat maintenance, you can choose consignment or by mail to our national any maintenance department and execute the maintenance.
4.4, special note
1), fill in and use the warranty card only for repair is required to fill in the use and replacement of parts.
2), without the need to replace the parts do not use repair.
3), warranty card is the user to the maintenance department in charge of get free replacement parts of transactions votes, is the maintenance department in charge of to the production manufacturer to obtain free parts of the document.
4), the user of the warranty card should be properly preserved, competent departments of the repair should fill out the warranty card.
5, Mayr unified customer service service hotline: 400-887-1189
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