Wisdom easily,Life FUN easy

Our spirit of the brand, it is against the heavy and inflexible and bondage, agree with relaxed attitude to life, liberty and the reiki.
Silk rain fan, light and supremely well, is convenient to receive, let you can follow one's inclinations, anytime, anywhere to enjoy cool and refreshing.
We hope that you can from a small place, life is give nowadays young people's life a little easier, a little burden reduction.
Even in cramped dormitories or cubicle, the rain can cool the hot body, blow away the impetuous pressure.
Rain silk, the heart also cool, let you no matter what kind of trouble, can be like a sole man good mood.

Small And Beautiful

We named Siyu, is to make you a light and cool.
Hot, no matter where a small fan, light and flexible.
To accompany you around,
When you feel it can make you feel constrained and uneasy, cool, and cool to.
To calm life, said it is easy to do, but not simple.
But as long as the silk rain, there is always cool.